Louisville Metro Sweep for Access

Restaurants. Antique stores. Consignment shops. Bars. Hardware stores. Can a wheelchair get in? Bookstores. Hair salons. Banks. Bakeries. Do you have access? To coffee shops? Law offices?

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Making Your Entrance Accessible is Easy as ABC!

Use our DO-IT-YOURSELF GUIDE to gaining access to Louisville businesses!

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DOWNLOAD THIS PDF FILE to learn how to make your business accessible:
ADA Guide for Small Business


Local and national ADA assistance information provided through the KATS Network

Department of Justice ADA Business Connection Page ADA Publications, ADA Business Briefs, Design Standards, and ADA Regulations

File Your Own Lawsuit
Against Non-Compliant Businesses: Pro Se Complaint Model

Metro Disability Coalition

Ragged Edge magazine Online


A company called Inclusion Solutions, which produces a "Big Bell" product and a portable ramp, suggests to owners that these products would protect businesses from lawsuits over a lack of access. This is incorrect information. MORE.

About the law.
About inaccessibility.
About the true cost of access.
About independence.
And about integration.

John E's Restaurant Settles Suit Over Access
March, 2006 -- John E's Restaurant and Lounge has settled a disability access lawsuit filed by Metrosweep member Cheryl M. in U.S. District Court in Louisville. Under the terms of the settlement, John E's agreed to spend more than $25,000 on wheelchair accessibility. MORE.

SWEEP members sue Louisville businesses
Sept. 9, 2004 -- More lawsuits claiming discrimination have been filed against businesses along the Baxter Ave./Bardstown Road corridor by Metrosweep members. The suits say that the businesses' entrances are inaccessible to unassisted wheelchair users. MORE.

80+ inaccessible businesses along Bardstown Rd/Baxter Ave. corridor hear again from MetroSweep
June 29, 2004 -- Over 80 business owners with businesses open to the public along Baxter Ave and Bardstown Road are receiving letters from Louisville MetroSweep for Access. The letters are a follow-up to our survey conducted during April and May. MORE.
Now accessible...
Since MetroSweep started, over a dozen businesses have created or improved access for customers in wheelchairs due to efforts of our members. MORE.

400+ Bardstown Rd. businesses hear from MetroSweep about access
Sept. 22, 2003 -- Over 400 business owners with businesses open to the public along the popular Bardstown Road corridor are receiving letters from Louisville MetroSweep for Access this week. MORE.

WHAT TO DO when you can't get in
Can't get into your neighborhood video store? Tired of not being able to go onto the bar's upper floor? Worried that you won't be able to get into the restaurant's restroom? Here's what you need to do in order to get access!! MORE.

for helping with our Carmichael's 'De-segregation Campaign'
photo of ramp Not long ago, we asked people to join us in a "de-segregation campaign" for a newly renovated bookstore that opened with new steps at its entrance -- and a special, segregated accessible entrance for wheelchair users around the side. MORE.

Group canvasses 1200, 1300 blocks of Bardstown Road, finds most businesses still violating Disabilities Act
July 28, 2003 -- Members of Louisville MetroSweep for Access canvassed businesses in a two-block stretch of Bardstown Rd. to see if they were accessible to wheelchair users, as required by the 1990 federal Americans with Disabilities Act. Only 5 businesses had entrances the group could use. Most businesses got "no access" stickers. MORE.

SWEEP members file 4 suits against Louisville businesses
Nov. 12, 2002 -- Four lawsuits claiming discrimination are being filed today in Jefferson County Circuit Court by the Metro Disability Coalition, Access to the Arts, Inc. and a number of persons using wheelchairs. The suits are against Louisville Academy of Music, 2740 Frankfort Ave.; Jerry Heston Hair Salon, 2710 Frankfort Ave.; Bazo's Baja Grill, 919 Baxter Ave. and Omar's Gyro, 969-1/2 Baxter Ave. MORE.

Stories about enforcing the Americans with Disabilities Act across the nation:

Salt Lake City Advocates Sue Stores for Access

New Mondavi arts center has access problems say Calif. activists

Wichita Advocates Sue Restaurant

Disabled Customers, Advocates Sue CVS Pharmacy (Story from The Washington Post.)

Academy Awards theater sued for lack of access

Supermarket chain agrees to access

New nightclub lacks access, gets sued

Harrisburg Sweep proves effective:

"Our ADA enforcement effort, the Midtown Sweep, is successful because it was carefully planned out months ahead of time. We have kept to that plan and are now reaping the harvest: welcome signs for us at local businesses instead of steps that say 'keep out' -- and broad-based community support."

-- Josie Byzek, ACT, Harrisburg, PA

Learn how ACT ran its SWEEP Campaign

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  Bardstown Road. Frankfort Ave. Taylorsville Road. ARE THESE NEIGHBORHOODS ACCESSIBLE TO YOU?
In 1990, Congress passed the Americans with Disabilities Act. Under that law, places of public accommodation were supposed to become accessible to people with disabilities. Congress gave businesses 18 months to make changes to their buildings.

The part of the law requiring access to places of public accommodation didn't take effect until Jan. 26, 1992. Now, over 10 years have passed. Isn't that enough time to wait for access?


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